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Our Mission

Ruitong takes pride in cost-effective technology that focuses on ease of use and safety. We envision an oil & gas industry that’s driven by quality solutions.

Our Approach

As a new addition to the completion technology field, Ruitong prides itself on the ability to think outside of the box. We come up with unconventional concepts based on market needs to create industry-advancing products.

Ruitong brings innovative downhole solutions that enhance well productivity while reducing operational costs. Our products significantly improve the effectiveness of completion, ensure safety, and optimize prolonged well performance. Ultimately, Ruitong’s cost-effective technology focuses on ease of use and safety, while helping our clients maximize oil & gas production.

When a shaped charge detonates, the front-end of the jet (tip) achieves velocity as high as 30,000 f/s, while the trailing end (umbrella tail) travels as slow as 3,000 f/s (Figure 5).  With the understanding of these numbers, the concept of placing a propellant cap on the front of the shaped charge and allowing the umbrella tail to bring the explosives into the perforation tunnel was conceived. Placing a donut-shaped propellant cap on the front-end of the shaped charge meant that the jet should pass through the cap hole and the umbrella tail would bring the propellant into the perforation tunnel.

The umbrella tail had an ideal directional sense, ensuring it will enter the perforation tunnel already formed by the front-end of the jet.

Tens of thousands of lab tests were conducted to ensure technical integrity. The system is used extensively in low permeability, high-density reservoirs in China, and is currently been deployed in reservoir zones in the USA.