Conducted at the Explosive Test Center of North Schlumberger Oilfield Technology(Xi’an) Corporation to identify the effects of the shockwave pressure produced by the composite charge.

The test setup included:

• Sealed Explosion Chamber (Simulation of Perforation Gun and Casing)

• Simulated Test Device (Simulation of wellbore annular space and perforation tunnel)

The pressure-time plot recorded after detonation indicates the shockwave pressure generated by CoFrac™. The plot clearly shows a secondary pressure wave. The secondary pressure wave had a peak time of 10-20 ms, with a wave pulse width (duration) of up to 125 ms. After an early time, high-pressure shockwave formed by the main explosive of the shaped charge, the secondary pressure peak produced by propellant reached 38 Mpa (5,500 psi) with duration up to 30 ms. This propellant pressure wave should significantly enhance the overall performance of the perforation charge.

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